Leadership is an exciting and challenging activity to engage in.   In today’s world of constant transition and shifting priorities, being effective in our leadership is essential.

Change and lack of predictability can mean that we become more of a defended leader with a focus on the here and now rather than the future.

But there is a strong need to support individuals and teams to look beyond the day to day; to recognise that leadership can feel a lonely and isolated place and to enable an honest review so that individuals and teams can move forward.

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Kathryn Miller
Kathryn’s partnering approach to supporting leadership growth is to develop curiosity in individuals and teams so that they start to look at different perspectives and challenge the way they are showing up.   She provides a highly supportive and trusting environment to explore how people might build on their strengths and make changes to bring about impactful work relationships and results in the organisational context.

Kathryn Miller - People Development Specialist and Executive Coach MA MCIPD

Kathryn Miller is highly experienced leadership expert, working within the public and private sector. Qualified to a Masters Level in Human Resource Management, with a suite of complementary accreditations in Executive Coaching, mentoring and supervision, Kathryn partners with senior level individuals and teams to find the best solution for them to further unlock their leadership potential.

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What we do
Kathryn Miller uses a variety of tools to support growing emotional intelligence and leadership development.

Kathryn is qualified to use a variety of different psychometric instruments such as the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, TMSDI’s Team Management Profile and a highly effective 360 tool called the Leadership Behaviours Profile.

Specific services that Kathryn can offer:

  • Team coaching
  • One to one Executive Coaching and mentoring
  • Design and delivery of bespoke leadership workshops and programmes
  • Action Learning Facilitation
  • Learning and development consultancy from talent acquisition to talent development and career pathways
  • One to one feedback on leadership behaviours and approach via a variety of psychometric tools
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Here are a few comments from previous clients who have worked with Kathryn Miller:

Professor Alan Livingston CBE

“As the leading touring theatre company in the UK, Kneehigh Theatre recognised the significance of this challenging appointment and the influence the successful candidate would have on the future creative direction of the company. From the outset we were determined to attract interest from many of the outstanding practitioners in British Theatre. In order to do this the recruitment process had to be of the highest quality.”

“Kathryn Miller offered specialist advice and guidance on all aspects of the recruitment process – job description, person specification, advertising, short-listing, correspondence with short-listed candidates, advice on interview etiquette, handling queries from candidates after interviews etc.”

“Thanks to Kathryn’s professional guidance everything went smoothly, with positive comments received from candidates and interview panel on the interview arrangements. We were delighted to make a great appointment as Kneehigh’s new Executive Producer.”

Jonathan Trethowan, Director TRAC services

“We are at the start of an intense period of change for the company and having spent a number of years focusing on growing the business and developing the team I decided the time was right to invest in my own development.    My sessions with Kathryn have helped me determine and understand my current life goals both professionally and personally and how I can best interact with people to achieve the desired outcomes.  They have given me the tools needed to confidently approach and manage this key time for our organisation.”

“After appointing two new managers from our team of consultants we wanted to put a development plan in place to help ensure they felt prepared for the new responsibilities and challenges ahead.  One of the options we decided to use was professional coaching and agreed a coaching plan with Kathryn.  They are having sessions over the first six months of the new role.”

“Naturally they are having support within the company but it was felt important for them to have independent input over the initial stages.  They have been in their new roles for about 3 months and it is rewarding to see them developing as professionals and also make a real impression within the company.  I know they both value the time they have with Kathryn and how this is really helping them to adjust to their responsibilities as managers.”

Sophie Endacott, Graduate Surveyor, Miller Commercial

“When I first started working in July 2012, I wanted to settle fully into my position and wanted to find my feet as this is my first grown-up job. However towards spring of 2013 I started to realise that some of the problems I was experiencing at work were not common and was something that needed addressing.”

“I had four sessions with Kathryn as a mentor towards the end of my UCP programme. The key areas I wanted to address were:

  • I wanted to organise my time better to ensure I had enough study time but also enough time to be with my friends, family and boyfriend.
  • I needed to become more assertive but in a constructive manner rather than coming across as ‘Kevin the Teenager’ due to my age
  • I wanted to become more relaxed and less tense about raising issues with older members of staff”


“Kathryn gave me a day planner to establish where I worked best during the day. I found that this was the morning and I ‘flagged’ more in the early afternoon after lunch. Kathryn suggested I come into work an hour early and undertook an hour of work in the morning so that I had the evenings free to do as I so wished.”

“In becoming more assertive, Kathryn practised with me what I would say to other members of staff and the words that I should change to me come across slightly stronger.”

“Kathryn also talked to me about watching other people in the office and how they raise their problems, as each person is different and it is important to watch and learn how to deal with each person.”

“Finally Kathryn taught me how to become more relaxed and ‘at peace’ with issues with diagrams and also with helping me understand the type of character I am and how I come across. In particular I am an introvert so I spend a lot of time thinking about various different things, but because I am very quiet no one knew I was thinking about these things so when I talk about them they come as a bit of a shock.

Putting into Practice

“To date I have been able to put what I have learnt into practice by being more confident in approaching members of staff in my training by raising agendas or emailing beforehand so everyone in the meeting is prepared for the issues I want to raise. This is a benefit as that way I can prepare myself for the meeting and get myself mentally prepared for it so they become more constructive.”

“Kathryn suggested being more aware of what I wear and how that could affect my confidence. I feel more confident in the office and have become more assertive through this. I have noticed that I am a bit more ‘ballsy’ and will say before if I am busy and when I will be able to undertake the work.”

“I have started coming to work an hour early in order to do my studying at my most productive time. Whilst doing this, I have noticed the difference in my attitude as it is a more ‘little and often’ approach so the level of studying is eventually getting there.”

“This has been the most important lesson Kathryn has taught me as it has helped me understand when would be a good time to ask questions, discuss issues and raise issues with people as to what mood they would be in and if it is a good time or not.”

“In conclusion I have my main regret is not having mentoring hours earlier in my UCP programme!”

Testimonial from Lynda Wight, ex Executive Vice President, IBRD-Rostrum Ltd

“Kathryn joined us as HR manager when we had 50 employees.  Her remit was to set up a professional HR department that would enable significant company growth in a very competitive environment.  This Kathryn did with vigour and dedication.”

“She quickly developed strong professional relationships internally and externally which was so important for this role. After much consultation, she designed and instigated a performance management system that was the right cultural fit for our organisation.  This enabled our staff to not only focus on what they were achieving but identify areas for development.  As part of this process, Kathryn set up a European-wide training and development strategy and led the company to gain Investors In People status.”

“When we merged with an American company, she was heavily involved in the due diligence process.  Her diplomatic and confidential manner was essential for this. As part of our HR strategy after the merger, she designed and delivered bespoke management training which served to unify and bring together different strands of our business internationally. Effective recruitment and selection are essential to any expanding organisation and Kathryn introduced a highly professional and effective approach that enabled us to attract and retain a very high calibre of staff.”

“Kathryn was made HR Director after 3 years of being HR manager.  This promotion was a reflection of her proven capabilities and capacity for taking a strategic approach to HR and our organisation. As Managing Director, I relied on her for advice and support and found her to be highly trustworthy and knowledgeable in her areas of expertise.”

Michael Rabone, Human Resources Manager at The Seafood Restaurant, Padstow

“Kathryn provided oustanding support for leadership development and is a fantastic role model who demonstrates integrity and expertise across a broad range of leadership topics. Kathryn has a natural teaching style and is an experienced professional with a significant understanding of people management and employment. Kathryn is also an outstanding role model for coaching and mentoring, demonstrating an honest, constructive and positive approach to leadership.”

Melanie Palethorpe, Training Co-ordinator at Carrick Housing Ltd

“I have always been impressed by Kathryn’s thorough knowledge of the theories underpinning each topic. I frequently use the skills and knowledge learned in the workplace, and would definitely recommend Kathryn as a Managment Trainer.”

Becky Palmer, Marketing Manager at Outset Cornwall

“Kathryn is an extremely inspirational and professional Management Trainer. Her vast knowledge and her ability to put partcipants at ease really makes any session she leads a pleasure to attend.”

Cassie Lawrence, Owner at Cake Top Characters

“Kathryn delivered a fantastic training course for Leading Women UK, which made an instant impact on the attendees. Kathryn’s course equipped women with skills, knowledge and tools that they could immediately take back to their roles to enable them to manage their staff, working process and ‘people issues’ in a positive and effective way.”

Training testimonials:

“Kathryn’s approach was great – I have completely changed the way that I am managing change in the team.”

“Excellent teaching and tutoring.”

“Extremely beneficial and worth the effort to gain the knowledge and direction for management.”

“I have a clearer understanding of how to manage my business and move it forward to make it more successful and profitable.”

“Kathryn has helped me to get a new job and get ahead in the workplace.”

If we can help you with your HR challenge, get in touch.

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